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Brace Yourself for Orthodontic Health Month

posted on 10-11-17
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October is Orthodontic Health Month, and since orthodontic care is an important contributor to good dental health and overall mouth function—as it helps to straighten teeth and align jaws—it’s important for both children and adults to visit an orthodontist for... More

Charcoal: Should you brush your teeth with it?

posted on 10-4-17
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From perky beauty bloggers on your Facebook feed to cold-pressed juice cleanses, activated charcoal seems to be the new superfood. Believers claim it can cure a hangover, detox your body of impurities and whiten your teeth in as little as... More

Beware Risky Charcoal Teeth Whitening Trend

posted on 9-17-17
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There is a growing trend to use activated charcoal to “naturally” whiten teeth. DIY teeth whitening methods are sweeping social media platforms where influencers like YouTube user Mama Natural readily and endorse others to brush their teeth with charcoal based... More

A Perfect Smile at Any Age

posted on 9-6-17
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Though typically associated with “the growing years,” orthodontic braces are becoming increasingly common in those patients entering “the golden years.” Following the nationwide upward trend in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures among patients over 65, more seniors are finding an... More