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Fighting Back Against Dental Anxiety

posted on 12-1-20
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DENTAL PHOBIA AND anxiety are pretty common, affecting more than one in every ten Americans. That means that close to 40 million people avoid getting crucial preventative dental care, which in turn means that small, easy-to-fix dental problems can become big,... More

Stressed Out?

posted on 11-24-20
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BEING STRESSED OUT is never a fun feeling, so it might not be too surprising to hear that stress can actually impact our physical health in significant ways. That includes the health of our teeth and gums. 😧 We’re not... More

Learn the Basics of Orthodontics

posted on 11-10-20
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What is an orthodontist? All orthodontists are dentists but not all dentists are orthodontists. What we commonly call orthodontists are actually specialists in the area of orthodontics (straightening teeth) and dento-facial orthopedics (the bones that support the teeth and make... More

The Tricks to Treats for Braces-Wearers

posted on 10-20-20
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CAN YOU BELIEVE HALLOWEEN is coming up so soon? It’s always a fun time of year, with the spooky movies, the decorations, the costumes, and the tasty treats. We’re not here to drop toothbrushes in anyone’s candy buckets, but we do... More

Sugar Versus Our Teeth

posted on 10-13-20
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SUGAR IS THE GREATEST nemesis of the dental profession and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy smile. Why? Because the harmful bacteria in our mouths love to eat it, then excrete acid onto our teeth as a waste product. That... More

Have You Been Wearing Your Elastics?

posted on 10-6-20
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WEAR YOUR ELASTICS if you want your braces off on time! ⏱ We know they’re not very fun to wear, and we know it’s easy to forget them, but following the ortho’s instructions for wearing your elastics is a huge... More

Why filing teeth yourself is a bad idea.

posted on 9-29-20
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You’ve seen the TikTok trend of people using a nail file to grind their teeth down for a more even appearance, and thought, “Seems harmless, right?”  WRONG! Unlike fingernails, teeth are permanent. What you remove won’t grow back. The protective... More